Mario González-de la Parra, Veronica Tejeda and Manuel Jimenez-Estrada

A germination bioassay employing radish (Raphanus sativus L.) seeds was used for the identification and quantification of the synergistic or antagonistic effects of equimolar binary mixtures formed by the combination of (S)-naproxen, (S)-ibuprofen, (S)-naproxol and (S)-ibuprofen alcohol, by using an approach based on experiments with mixtures. Synergistic effects were found to be statistically significant for the radicle growth of the binary mixtures formed by the combination of (S)-naproxol with (S)-naproxen, and (S)-naproxol with (S)-ibuprofen alcohol. These findings might indicate the existence of the corresponding potential drug–drug interactions. However, due to the complexity of the biological processes in humans and the fact that the correlation between this bioassay and human biological activity has not yet been established, further studies with other organisms or test systems are necessary to confirm the existence of these drug–drug interactions.
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