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Progress Toward the Validation of Alternative Tests

Michael Balls and Julia H. Fentem

ECVAM's role in the practical validation of replacement alternative methods for use in regulatory testing is reviewed, including an outline of the criteria which have been used in determining ECVAM's priorities. Some of the difficulties which have arisen in validation studies are discussed, and solutions to these are proposed, with particular emphasis on ensuring that methods are sufficiently well-developed to enter the validation process, and on the ECVAM prevalidation scheme for encouraging protocol optimisation and the prior assessment of interlaboratory transferability. Comments are made on problems encountered in selecting test materials backed by adequate in vivo data and in undertaking appropriate in vivo/in vitro comparisons.
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The FRAME Research Programme Under the Direction of Dr Richard Clothier

Robert D. Combes

The work of Dr Richard Clothier (Reader in Cellular Toxicology and Director of the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory in the University of Nottingham Medical School) in relation to the FRAME Research Programme, is reviewed. He made a very substantial contribution to FRAME’s laboratory research work over the last 20 years, by publishing many research papers, mainly with respect to method development and the application of new replacement toxicity test methods, particularly those involving the use of human cells in tissue culture. In addition, he participated in a number of international validation studies that have facilitated the regulatory acceptance of certain new methods. Lastly, he has been closely involved in the logistical aspects of obtaining and maintaining external research funding for FRAME from industrial sponsors.
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