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Validation of the Embryonic Stem Cell Test in the International ECVAM Validation Study on Three In Vitro Embryotoxicity Tests

Elke Genschow, Horst Spielmann, Gabriele Scholz, Ingeborg Pohl, Andrea Seiler, Nicole Clemann, Susanne Bremer and Klaus Becker

A detailed report is presented on the performance of the embryonic stem cell test (EST) in a European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM)-sponsored formal validation study on three in vitro tests for embryotoxicity. Twenty coded test chemicals, classified as non-embryotoxic, weakly embryotoxic or strongly embryotoxic on the basis of their in vivo effects in animals and/or humans, were tested in four laboratories. The outcome showed that the EST can be considered to be a scientifically validated test, which is ready for consideration for use in assessing the embryotoxic potentials of chemicals for regulatory purposes.
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