ATLA 22.6, November 1994

//ATLA 22.6, November 1994

The Finkleman Preparation: a Computer Simulation for Teaching Undergraduate Students of Pharmacology

David Dewhurst, Ian Hughes and Richard Ulyott

An interactive computer-assisted learning program is described, which simulates a number of experiments which can be performed on the isolated, innervated duodenum of the rabbit (the Finkleman preparation). This preparation is one of the classical pharmacological preparations used to demonstrate to undergraduate students the effects of selected drugs: those acting on adrenoceptors or intestinal smooth muscle, or those affecting responses to sympathetic nerve stimulation. The program runs on any IBM compatible PC, and makes use of text and high resolution graphics to provide a background to the experiments and to describe the methodology. A screen display which emulates a chart recorder presents simulated results (spontaneous or evoked contractions of the gut), derived from actual data, in response to the selection by students of predetermined experimental protocols from a menu. The program is designed to enhance or replace the traditional laboratory-based practical using this preparation, whilst achieving the majority of the same teaching and learning objectives.
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