Jenny McCann and Terry McCann

The Lush Prize supports animal-free testing by rewarding the most effective projects and individuals who have been working toward the goal of replacing animals in product or ingredient safety testing. Prizes are awarded for developments in five strategic areas: Science; Lobbying; Training; Public Awareness; and Young Researchers. Should there be a major breakthrough in 21st century toxicology, a Black Box Prize equivalent to the entire annual fund of £250,000 is awarded. A Background Paper is prepared each year, prior to the judging process, to provide the panel with a brief overview of current developments in the field of Replacement alternatives, particularly those relevant to the concept of toxicity pathways. The Background Paper includes information on recent work by the relevant scientific institutions and projects in this area, including AXLR8, the OECD, The Hamner Institutes, the Human Toxome Project, EURL ECVAM, ICCVAM, the US Tox21 Programme, the ToxCast programme, and the Human Toxicology Project Consortium. Recent developments in toxicity pathway research are also assessed by reviewing the relevant literature (including conference proceedings), and the abstracts and papers receiving the highest score are presented to the judges for consideration.
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